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1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rooting Guide
Pay attention to the H and 32A when flashing any new hboot(SPL), RADIOs, Recovery and ROM image files updates. With the first 2 being the most dangerous, Flashing a (32B) or G designated HBOOT or RADIO img will make your phone unusable by corrupting the internal memory with instructions not ment for your hardware. This has irreversible damage because you are once you mess that up you will not be able to boot into fastboot, hboot or your rom nor flash anything, the phone simple wont respont anymore. All the files in this guide will work with HTC MAGIC, Code Named: Saphire H (Magic 32A) phone hardware. To check which version of the hardware you have read this section of the guide.

You must have 1.76.2007 spl You should have radio

Having an S-ON SPL only affects your ability to use fastboot mode to flash things.

Device: HTC Magic [32A] Rooted s-off ROM : HTX MIUI 0.23 & HTX LeWa OS 0.01 SPL : 1.76.2007 RADIO : Recovery :Carz-Clockworkmod-v4.0.1.4-recovery

This is a tutorial for the HTC Magic (32A) AKA HTC Sapphire Applying this Engineering SPL HBOOT will give you S-OFF \ 2. The 1.76.2007 SPL HBOOT image The Radio Image The Amon_RA Hero Recovery Version is 1.5.2 To update your HTC MAGIC/SAPPHIRE H (32A) to SPL/HBOOT 1.76.2007, RADIO, RECOVERY, Amon_RA 1.5.2. Download all 3 files here, I have personally flashed these to my phone so they are verified.
fastboot flash radio Radio_HTC_PVT_32A_6.35.10.18.img
fastboot flash hboot hboot-1.76.2007.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img
fastboot erase system -w
fastboot reboot-bootloader

Your phone will automaticaly reboot back into FASTBOOT. Look at the information at the top of the screen and verify that the numbers have changed to Radio and 1.76.2007 SPL/HBOOT. Replacing your boot images can be extremely dangerous. The best way to move forward is to have an ENG S-off boot loader, that allows flashing the device from the boot loader. These boot loaders are circulating around. Just look for "htc magic spl" in your favorite search engine. Of course, replacing the boot loader is also a dangerous operation... Also, do not be tempted to flash your 32A phone with a radio image designed for the 32B. I tried it once, but your phone supplier may not be as understanding as mine. Flashing a 32B radio image to a 32A phone will brick your phone, even if you are using an engineering boot loader! You have been warned.

Q. What is SPL, HBOOT and the difference between them?
SPL stands for Second Program Loader. Think of it as HBOOT. There is no difference. Whenever SPL is mentioned it is talking about the hboot version. For the HTC Magic it is usually something like 1.76.2007 SPL or SPL 1.33.2009, SPL 1.33.2010 etc.

Q. How do I determine if I have 32A or 32B? hardware version of the HTC Magic
Before any serious rooting or flashing can be done you will need to determine which version of the htc magic hardware do you have. To do this boot into HBoot but pressing volume down and power while the phone is off and look at the top output. Here is an example hboot output.
HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP50000)
May 8 2009,21:02:32
The 32A and H tell us that the phone is know as. (1) 32A MAGIC/SAPPHIRE H or code named: Sapphire H (Magic 32A).

Q. How do I boot into recovery mode on the HTC Magic?
To boot into recovery mode on the htc magic hold the Home & Power buttons until the device boots to the recovery. Up to 10 seconds. This will only work if you already have some kind of recovery image installed.

Q. How do I boot into fastboot or HBoot mode on the HTC Magic?
To boot into Fastboot mode shutdown and turn off your htc magic then press and hold the back and power buttons together. To boot into HBOOT press and hold volume down and power buttons at the same time.

Q. How do I upgrade my htc magic RADIO to 6.35 and 1.76.2007 SP?L
To boot into Fastboot mode shutdown and turn off your htc magic then press and hold the back and power buttons together. To boot into HBOOT press and hold volume down and power buttons at the same time.

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